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Terms and frequently asked questions about service:

Our Virtual Prepaid card are issued by the USA bank. They are accepted anywhere in the web, where credit card payments present. Our Virtual Prepaid cards are not registered to a name and address; they may be used with ANY name and address! Expiration Date for all our Virtual Prepaid cards is year 2011 (though we strongly recommend to use the Virtual Prepaid card in 3-month period). All Virtual Prepaid cards are services free of charge for a whole year after its activation. After the 12-month period the bank will charge it $2.50 a month. Cards are sold automatically. The Virtual Prepaid card details and information are delivered to you immediately after our payment processor receives your payment! We accept Liberty Reserve and WebMoney.

Virtual Prepaid card balance can be checked free of charge twice, all consecutive balance checks are fully free. A full transaction statement can be provided with the authorization codes upon request for $3 usd. We reserve the right to provide statement or not.

Cards are not reloadable. An 80% (of Card Value) money back guarantee applies, if the card has not been used or if authorization fails. The money will be returned in 2 business days after support has been contacted.

An image of the Virtual Prepaid card (from both sides) can be provided upon request before order for $3.00. Be sure to contact support BEFORE ordering the Virtual Prepaid card.
We keep for us the right to change terms.