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Virtual Prepaid Visa Card registration.

card number:
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It is necessary to register a card?

1. Registration is not a compulsory procedure, it gift not-personalized cards, a special product of the company. The majority merchants should accept a card "as is", however separate high risk merchants will not accept a card while it will not be registered. Also, the some merchants can set up their billing on refusal to accept payments from the certain countries, in that case even if card has necessary balance to cover purchase, it can be declined.

2. After registration the card will be accepted by majority sellers, it is especially effective in case when seller billing not set upped on accepting payments from gift cards and you live outside USA, or in case when merchant is not familiar with prepaid gift cards in general.

3. If you live outside the USA and register a card with US billing address, at the some merchants can there will be questions concerning why your address differs from the address on the card. It concerns as well residents of the USA who register the address which is differens from their own.

4. If seller does not wish to cooperate and accept transaction, ask it to cancel transaction and do refund. Check up your balance in 3-7 days. After return of means there is an opportunity to get the goods at other seller.

You should agree with all rules and not use the registered card for fraudulent actions.

Address registration is cost $ 1.99